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Facial Muscle Training

Facial Yoga

OKAO KINTRE is a simple and ​effective anti-aging method for all ​age groups and genders.

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With well-researched and correctly executed facial muscle ​training, we reduce sagging and wrinkles on the face. The ​effect is noticeable from the first session.

Courses and Fees

You will first learn the 18 basic exercises in a ​two-hour private or pair lesson. After ​completing the entry-level course, you can ​participate in the follow-up training. The follow-​up group training usually takes place on ​Mondays

Foundation Course for ​beginners

Private or pair online

2 x 60 Minutes

  • Online courses with Zoom
  • Recording of classes upon request

CHF 240 or CHF 170 p.P

Follow-up Training

Group online

50 Minutes

  • Online courses with Zoom
  • In the virtual classroom, each ​participant sees only their own ​face and the teacher's face. Your ​face is not visible on the screens ​of other participants.

CHF 18

Training Method


The OKAO KINTRE method was developed by Ms. Nozomi Tanaka.

Ms. Tanaka was the first certified Facial Yoga instructor in Hokkaido and has been working as a facial muscle ​trainer since 2015.

OKAO KINTRE is a simple and effective anti-aging method that requires no tools and is not specific to age or ​gender. We train facial muscles without the use of any equipment, using only our own hands.

Wrinkles, sagging tissues, and double chins in the face are caused not only by the insufficient strength of facial ​muscles but also by weak tongue muscles. We actively train the tongue muscles as well.

The OKAO KINTRE method is primarily utilized in our training sessions.


Facial Yoga is a globally recognized method of facial muscle training, developed by Ms. Fumiko Takatsu in 2005.

The Facial Yoga technique is occasionally incorporated into our training.

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was born in Japan in 1974 and has ​been living in Switzerland since ​1998, residing in Chapelle-sûr-​Moudon (Vaud), Courtételle (Jura), ​Lucerne, Zug, and Zurich. She is ​certified as an OKAO KINTRE ​trainer and also as a Facial Yoga ​trainer. Naoko is a member of the ​OKAO KINTRE Associations.